Tanzania's premier agency for Aerial Drone Photography and Cinematography


Drone Specialist

MHSKYPIXEL is a drone filming company in Tanzania that produces consistently exceptional aerial camerawork that adds value to any production. Passionate and creative while setting industry standards in professionalism and safety, we live to expand the new frontiers of aerial filming and photography.

aerial cinematography


The boundaries between ground-based and traditional aerial filming have dissolved, opening up a middle space with infinite visual potential. Expanding on a classic repertory of camera movements, the language of drone cinematography allows for immense variation and improvisation. Over hundreds of flight hours we have developed a visual language of precisely-articulated close and medium range aerial movements. We shoot with editing in mind, mixing wide and mid tracking and counter-tracking hero shots with flyaways, sweeps, approach pushes and detail shots, allowing directors to replace crane, jib and even dolly shots and thus save a lot of money on production.  

aerial photography


We at mhskypixel use a variety of photography methods to capture stunning imagery by drone. From single shots to creating multiple shot photomosaics to produce large format panoramic images we can be as creative as you want. We create joyful digital ideas, products and experiences that connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of their consumers.

With 10 years combined experience as commercial photographers, we sculpt light to invoke the emotional experience of your achievement.

survey, mapping and inspection


We use drone-mounted high resolution imaging systems together with sophisticated mapping techniques to produce orthographically corrected surveys and 3D topographical models.

Drone-produced 3D Models are a pioneering method of acquiring data for architectural visualisation, inspections and construction update imaging. Whereas 3D models produced in modeling software are projections of design, a terrain model is a reflection of reality. Having an accurate 3 dimensional model of the existing space enables rapid design decision-making and provides a powerful visual aid in the exploration and presentation of architectural proposals. In addition, accurate 3D models are powerful inspection tools, featuring high resolution 3D imagery that allows for distance, area and volume measurements.